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5 hal mengapa costumer belanja di gamehouseshop.com


1. Bergaransi spare part 1 tahun full semua console

( garansi tertera di faktur penjualan print out system ).


2. Free refill game sepuas nya di game console tertentu.


3. Terpercaya dengan banyak nya testimonial recommend seller dan masuk dalam liputan detik.com.


4. Gratis pengiriman Sejadetabek tanpa di pungut biaya sepeserpun, langsung instalasi dirumah.


 5. Terdaftar di googlemaps ketik saja gamehouseshop.com





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PlayStation® Move Starter Pack ps3

Move and Camera Playstation 3

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Rp‎ 775.000

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2012-12-27 Gyutae. gbcJTiDCoHfWzXSEh They are both great machines in there own right. First off the PS3 has 8 cores not 3, only 7 work and only 6 are open to game usage, the 8th one is lcoekd and can never be used to reduce failure rates. The 360 on the other hand has a better GPU and better memory management which is a huge bottleneck for the PS3. Also both systems are 1080p HDMI compatible are look great you will never tell the difference when the same title is put side by side, minus the PS3 has mandatory Hard drive installs for almost all of its games because the 2x blue ray drive does not spin fast enough.The blue-ray drive on the PS3 although one of the best players on the market is not cheap when you can find them for $199 or cheaper. Besides who actually buys a PS3 for movies you'll buy 1-2 then be bored with it. Both systems have good online features, but 360 outshines PS3 in almost every fashion. You can do everything on a 360 with no fees or a silver membership, but if you do use gold membership you can get some demos sooner and play Multiplayer online. The selection of movies, music, demos, videos, and HD 1080p streaming seems larger on 360. Really though it comes down to the games. Both systems have a great selection, the only difference is first party titles you think you must have, and the lack of RPG's on the PS3.

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