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Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition

PlayStation®4 Region 2 English

genre : Flight Simulator

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Rp‎ 390.000

Customers opnion about this product

  • Immerse yourself in a captivating and emotional story of the war's dramatic moments
  • Master special helicopter missions
  • Fly unique and iconic aircraft from the Vietnam era
  • Complete the thrilling campaigns or prove your worth in a variety of multiplayer modes with up to 8 players
  • Play as Nguyen An Toon - a legendary Vietnamese ace - in the brand new additional "Lost Letters" campaign!
  • Improved controls and revamped enemy AI puts you at the heart of the action!
  • Bigger maps, an enhanced particle system and improved sound effects make the experience more intense!

Reliving History:

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition relives the 1968 Vietnam war and lets players take part of history and join in the action! It is an arcade fight simulation video game developed by BitComposer Entertainment AG that is exclusively coming to PS4. The game sports brilliant gameplay innovations and a lot of new features that will surely be appreciated by former players and newbies alike. See the skies differently and experience aerial combat like never before!

Improved Gameplay:

Play as Captain Joe and help him complete his missions and carry out his duty as an US soldier in the heated times of Vietnam war. Get behind the controls of over 20 uniquely designed battle planes and helicopters each having their own set of weapons. Experience bigger areas to be traversed, improved control schemes and unique PS4 features like Head tracking and additional multiplayer modes. Feel a different kind of aerial combat every time you play Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition!

Lost Letters:

An Additional Campaign is also available with game; in the "Lost Letters Mission," players will be on the opposing side to fly in famous events like the "Flight of Tiger" as the legendary Vietnamese pilot Nguyen An Toon.

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